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Humble Bees Botanical
Supply Inc.

We are a Canadian Based supplier servicing Canada and United States. We are availble to contact during business hours 9am-5pm MDT Monday through Friday.

If you would like to contact our team for questions, ordering, or other inquiries, use our infromation below.

Edmonton, Alberta
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What Our Customers Say.

Trusted By Growers Across North America.

 “Not harsh and aggressive like usual program. Flowers felt much softer in a good regard. Felt like a very low stress grow, happy girl. Oil production and flower quality, Off the chain! Really impressed, really. And that’s hard to do. I will be switching a portion of my crop cycle immediately; I want to see if I can do this with another species as easily." -Rene @WaterBoy Supply. Regina, Saskatchewan


"Using BioQuality was seriously the easiest part of the entire growing process. Everything is laid out step by step. I was worried about overfeeding and destroying my crop, however I had so much confidence using this right off the shelf."

Mikayla Bellrose

"Using BioQuality has been an amazing experience, it's ease of use, and forgiveness, makes it a great candidate for recreational and commercial growers alike. I will definitely be continuing this program in my gardens from now on."

Doug M.