Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered For You.
What Are The Benefits of Using BioQuality?

- Everything you feed your plant was derived from plants.
- Completely free of any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or animal by-products.
- BioQuality is the by-product of waste from other industries, lowering our carbon footprint.
- Enhances photosynthesis, electrolyte uptake, metabolism, proliferation, and reproduction.
- Slow releasing, making it nearly impossible to overfeed.
- Indirect feeding (by feeding the soil, which in-turn feeds the plant)beneficial organic nutrients, which include growth-boosting microorganisms will stay in the substrate, so there will be less chance of nutrient run-off and waste.
- Soil quality will improve over time, compared to soil destruction with other products
Using vegan based organic nutrients reduces our need for fossil fuels.
- We are proud of our optimized use in fertigation lines. Our vegan organic nutrients cause no clogging issues at all.

What Types of Growing Can I Use This For?

Anything soil based! Doesn't matter if you grow cannabis, vegetables, fruits,  or other soil vegetation, you can use BioQuality Fertilizer!

Does This Improve Or Worsen My Crop Yield?

BioQuality improves both the quality and quantity of your crop yield. Our current farmers and growers are experiencing a 25% boost in their yield, along with a much higher quality of taste and nutrients. NOTE: Results are not guaranteed and subject to your grow setup and procedures.

PLUS, BioQuality improves the overall fertility of your soil. Unlike traditional fertilizers which over time destroy soil fertility, BioQuality actually strengthens your soil and turn around time from fertilizing to growing.

How Much Will This Be?

We are competitively priced, so that there is no barrier of entry or reason for you not to leave your current chemical based fertilizer. We offer discounts for bulk & commercial orders. For Bigger gardens, contact us today, for more pricing information.

Why Would I Leave My Current Fertilizer?

Once you switch to using our fertilizer, you can legally state that your vegetation is grown Vegan organically. This can improve the quality of your product, show your concerns for your customers, and even increase your businesses profitability by charging an "Vegan organic premium pricing" for your products.

Plus, we are competitively priced against traditional chemical based fertilizers, making it a no brainer switch for you to start growing Vegan organically today.