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About Humble Bees Botanical Supply Inc.

"Humble Bees Botanical, originated from a small tight knit community of independent medical cannabis cultivators in northern Canada who were constantly searching for more simple and natural fertilizers that in turn would produce the highest quality medicine possible.

In 2018 this group of friends came together with the identified goal of bringing to market an eco friendly, organic and all around safer and more effective product that delivers top tier results, at a cost to the end user that wont break the bank.

Focusing on what nature can provide for itself and utilizing mother natures wonderous abundance of raw materials, we alongside our colleagues across the world have been working diligently over the last three years testing our products and achieving a number of globally recognized certifications and now we are tremendously excited to share these products with the community."

Brett Johnston - President

Why Go Vegan Organic?

In recent years, more studies and data have shown the negative effects traditional fertilizers can have on users who consume them.

The trend towards growing with vegan-organic fertilizers offers an array of benefits not only to the consumer, but producers/growers as well.

- Reverses toxic damage to soil from previously used synthetic fertilizers.
- Enriches soil fertility improving the use of your soil the more you use vegan organic fertilizers.
- Easily dosing of fertilization allowing for consumer inability to "overfeed" or kill their crops.
- Since our vegan-organic fertilizer is packed with nutrients, you can effectively use less application, to get the same result. This means less interference with your plants and more organic growth!

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Humble Bees Botanical Supply?

We have the following certificates to back our product
and ensure trust in customers using it.
health canada approved
vegan society member

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What Our Customers Say.

Trusted By Growers Across North America.

"Humble Bee's Bio Quality product blew me away. Feeding my plants was simple enough that new growers can easily follow the instructions and prevent overfeeding. Overall I had a higher yield in my harvest, and the taste in my plants was the best I have ever had. WILL BE BUYING AGAIN!"
 -Rhyley Reyes,
 Micro & Craft Grower